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Every summer, we witness our planet being either decimated by alien warfare, taken over by zombies, or being deserted by humankind. In cinemas now, Pacific Rim introduces yet another threat: Kaiju – giant, city-smashing monsters from the depths of the oceans. The world’s only hope lies in equally massive humanoid robots operated by two pilots. Of course, the humans emerge victorious at the end.


Thanks to its Mexican film director Guillermo del Toro, the movie “is big and booming but also smart and entertaining”, comments the Los Angeles Times.



The newspaper’s film critic Kenneth Turan calls Del Toro “a fantasy visionary” whose “particular gifts and passions are on display in the long-awaited Pacific Rim and the results are spectacular”. “Pacific Rim very much lives in comic book/pulp science-fiction territory, but a number of factors combine to make it a deeper movie experience,” Turan says.


The movie’s futuristic setting and monsters are skillfully rendered, the 3-D conversion is subtle, and perhaps most important, “the flesh-and-blood people who inhabit this world have not been neglected.”



Boston Globe finds the movie “pretty impressive” and says, “Pacific Rim is the blockbuster event of the summer – a titanic sci-fi action fantasy that has been invested, against all expectations, with a heart, a brain, and something approximating a soul.”



Although A. O. Scott from The New York Times says the movie looks a lot like others of its kind – noisy ad outsized with familiar themes – “its carefree blend of silliness and solemnity is clearly the product of an ingenious and playful pop sensibility.”


The Chicago Tribune’s Michael Phillips agrees: “It’s noisy, over scaled fun, this picture, and now and then a little poetry sneaks in to tantalize.”



Though the pilots played by Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi and other actors aren’t especially compelling, there are welcome appearances by Clifton Collins Jr., Charlie Day and Burn Gorman as nerdy scientists and Ron Perlman as a black-market dealer of Kaiju parts.

虽然由查理·汉纳姆、菊地凛子等影星扮演的驾驶员角色并不特别引人关注,但由小克利夫顿·柯林斯、查理·戴 和伯恩·格曼饰演的怪异科学家,以及由朗·普尔曼扮演的贩卖怪兽身体的黑市商人却大受欢迎。


All in all, “the weirdness around the edges saves it from impersonality,” says Phillips.


Among the dissenting voices is USA Today. It says Pacific Rim starts strong but becomes “surprisingly repetitive and tedious.”


But in a movie in which humans succeed against all odds, audiences should expect no more than an audio-visual feast, which is exactly what the movie delivers.